Kris Jenner is being absolutely dragged for defending Ryan Seacrest

And it's problematic AF.

Late last year, Ryan Seacrest was accused by his former stylist of repeated and ongoing sexual harassment. Suzie Hardy divulged damning allegations against the Hollywood mainstay, including groping her vagina and asking her ridiculously inappropriate questions about her sex life. She also claimed he slapped her bum so hard it left a huge welt hour later, behaviour she had receipts for and presented to the powers-to-be.

Fast-forward to today and Seacrest's presence on the Oscars' red carpet was heavily condemned. This is the last of a lengthy award season which has seen a huge emphasis placed on rape culture, so Seacrest's attendance seems especially smarting.

For what it's worth, Seacrest has repeatedly and firmly rejected the accusations and an E! investigation into Hardy's accusations concluded there was "insufficient evidence to support the claims". However, according to Hardy, the investigation didn't go all that deep. They never contacted the four witnesses she had referred to corroborate elements of her story – a tale all too familiar in the #MeToo aftermath.

It also offers an interesting parallel to the issues raised in Oscar-winning film, Get Out. The Black Lives Matter movement was spurred by the inordinate number of POC deaths at the hands of police. Protests across America became more enraged when time after time, police were acquitted thanks to "internal investigations". Police investigating police and finding police to be completely blameless seems amiss, no?

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With E!'s investigation (also internal) deeming Seacrest innocent, he was allowed to interview celebs on the carpet. At this point, infamous momager Kris Jenner joined the fray. She felt the tense, resentful atmosphere and condemned E!'s decision threw her support behind the presenter.

Despite the mass outrage in the world of social media, Kris Jenner decided to tweet out this hot take:

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The Kardashians have the pint-sized producer to thank for their entire empire and as we know, Kris takes her job seriously, never one to let anything get in her way.

The calls of "READ THE ROOM, LADY" are painfully reminiscent of Kendall Jenner's tone-deaf Pepsi ad last year which exploited black culture and appropriated images from Black Lives Matter to sell soda. Unlike Kris though, the young model remained deafeningly tongue-tied while the public demanded an apology.

Kris is, predictably, being dragged on social media for her awkward tweet.

Some of those who were actually invited to the ceremony weren't as supportive of the American Idol alum.

Taraji P Henson almost definitely put a curse on Seacrest as she patronisingly rubbed his chin and read him his rights. She says her comments have been misconstrued, but we felt that side-eye in our souls.

Seacrest was also far from the only man present at the awards with sexual assault claims hanging over his head.

Former pro-basketballer Kobe Bryant took home an Oscar for producing short film Dear Basketball - yeah, who knew?

However, the sportsman (and producer now we guess?) was also accused of raping a hotel employee back in 2003. The criminal charges were dropped after the accuser decided to not testify, but a civil suit went on to be settled out of court.

His win enraged many, especially given the time dedicated to #MeToo and Time's Up by Jimmy Kimmel in the rather safe opening monologue.

In recent months, Hollywood has dedicated a huge amount of time to society's trivialisation and normalisation of sexual assault. And yet, we have a man accused of rape winning an award; we have a powerful actor who attacked his ex-wife with a phone taking home a prestigious honour; and another man hosting the red carpet despite his own sexual assault allegations being painfully present.

The inconsistencies between the #MeToo movement and the reality are glaring and when we have both the Academy and omnipresent media moguls dismissing victims, we have to ask how serious it all is.