Kylie Jenner spills on plans for her 20th birthday party

And it's kind of unexpected...

It’s Kylie Jenner’s 20th birthday on Thursday, so you’d think that judging by past celebrations she’d be going all out again, right?

Not this year, says the Life of Kylie babe, who is instead opting for something more low-key with her fam and bestie Jordyn Woods.

"Usually I go on a trip every year and I like to do something special and big. This year I'm just feeling family vibes," the makeup mogul told E! News. "I just want to be around my family and my friends and just do something cute."

"I think Jordyn has something planned," E! News' host Erin Lim added.

"She has secrets, I know she's doing something,” said Kyles.

It all sounds like a huge change from her past shindigs, which included A-list guests, star performers, and even a gift of a pimped-out Ferrari from former bae Tyga.

As for what the hell to get the girl who has literally everything?

"A jewellery holder," she said, adding, "I needed a new something to carry my jewellery in. That's literally something random. That's the only thing I can think of. Other than that I really don't want anything. I don't care. I'm doing special charity things on my birthday and I like sentimental things, because the materialistic things, if I want something, I'll usually get it myself. I don't really like when people buy things for me."