Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi is officially an Instagram record holder

Her competition was Christiano Renaldo and she smashed him.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott introduced their first child Stormi Webster to the world on Tuesday (Feb. 6) and it seems the world liked the way they did it.

As was expected, the 20-year-old new mum shared the baby's name, along with the first picture of little Stormi holding her perfectly manicured finger, on Instagram and fans lost their proverbial shit -- I mean, we here at Cosmo HQ screamed.

So, it's no real shock to learn that within 24 hours of posting the bottom half of little Stormi's face and her adorable hand have garnered more than 14 million likes -- that's a record.

At less than a week old the picture is the most liked image on the platform EVER -- a title previously held by Christiano Renaldo's fourth child birth announcement which has 11.3 million lurve hearts on it.

The post after that is Beyonce's announcement that she was pregnant with twins. That had the most likes of 2017 (11.2 million likes) but now both Beyonce and Christiano trailing at least two million behind Kylie.

Congrats little Stormi -- we're sure once Kris Jenner sees those number we'll be seeing a lot of you...