Kylie Jenner just had a 'pyjama party' themed baby shower

One day after Kim Kardashian's cherry blossom bash.

By Natasha Harding
kylie jenner baby shower

Just one day after Kim Kardashian threw the baby shower to end all baby showers, her little sister Kylie Jenner reportedly did the exact same thing.

According to People, Ky’s bash took place at her $8 million Hidden Hills home with the theme set as a ‘pyjama party’, just like Kim's shower for her second baby Saint back in 2015.


If you're wondering why both sisters had their shower so close together, you're not alone.

A source told the publication that Ky's party had actually been in the works for quite a while whereas Kim decided early last week that she wanted to have her 'do on the same weekend.

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I dunno about you but I'd be pretty mad at my sister trying to steal my limelight like that, especially if my sister was Kim Kardashian, but maybe that's just me?

“It was a last-minute baby shower,” says a second source of Kim’s cherry blossom party. “Guests received an invitation earlier this week. It was a low-key celebration with family and close friends.”

Unlike Kim's bash, all the guests at Ky's crib were under instructions to not post anything on social media, but that doesn't stop fans thinking that they know what each are expecting. No sir. The internet was convinced that Kim's pink themed bonanza was hinting she's expecting a baby girl, just like Ky's recent rose coloured manicure and ring snap on Instagram.

With so many reports and ~dramah~ it's hard to believe there's still no confirmation from the Kardashian fam that Kylie is actually pregnant. Wowzers.