Kylie Jenner, lying in a pool of bananas, is apparently your new summer aesthetic

Well, what else would it be?

By Katie Stow

Kylie Jenner, despite having the most hectic year of her life (you know, giving birth to her first child and all that), seems to be ready to bounce right back into being a boss lady and running her beauty empire.

And how is she making her fateful return, we hear you ask? Well, by lying on a bed of bananas of course.

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Yes, Kylie Jenner is promoting her new Kylie Cosmetics 'Summer Collection' with a series of bright, colourful images that she is posting on her 'gram. Because who needs a marketing plan when you have 110 million Instragram followers?

Our favourite, thus far, is one featuring the new mum in a hot pink lamé bodysuit with dripping wet blonde hair laying on a bed of ripe banaynays.

Despite promoting what's on her face, we can't help but be distracted by the whole scene. Why lame, why the potassium-packed snack?

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One can only assume that there's a fruity selection of lippys heading our way in Kylie's new kit, allowing us to recreate this super casual, work-appropriate beauty look:

Bring on Friday the 13th for the big drop!