Kylie Jenner and Christina Aguilera reunited for XTina’s bday bash

And recreated THAT famous 2003 MTV Award Show kiss.

By Natasha Harding
Kylie Jenner and Christina Aguilera

If you thought Kylie Jenner and Christina Aguilera’s bond was a one-off thing, think again. ICYMI, Ky-Lizzle released her inner fangirl last month and dressed up as XTina and the internet lost its collective shit.

Christina included.

Now, to celebrate the ‘Dirrrty’ star’s birthday, Ky dressed up as Christina again (and totally #nailedit) but this time they went full-noughties and recreated THAT 2003 MTV Awards kiss between Christina, Britney and Madonna and ZOMG.

Here they are hanging out.

Aaaaand here’s the vid of them showing the love...

For those of you hitting 'replay' a gazillion time to see exactly what happened, here’s the still:

Yep, they totally went there.

Safe to say, these girls sure know how to par-tay.