Kylie Jenner's luxe dog house is probs bigger (& better) than your whole flat

It's climate-controlled? Are are you frickin' kidding me rn?!

The idea that Kylie Jenner might have a house that would cause you to be envious is probably no big shocker, but to think her dogs live in a home with more luxury fittings than your whole apartment, welp, call us naive, but we weren't expecting that.

The Kylie Cosmetics mogul and new mum recently showed off the palatial "dog house" where her seven pups will call home and, oh man, this shit is unbelievable...

First of all, it's massive! The whole thing looks like a storybook cottage with an A-frame roof, white paned windows and a front porch.

Secondly, it is entirely climate-controlled with AC for all those hot LA days and some heating when the desert night temps drop.

While giving her fans on Snapchat the grand tour, the most wealthy out of all the Kardashian/Jenner sisters mused, "It's almost done. They're going to have their own little … it's like a guest house."

So, it's official... we're at place in our lives where we're jealous of real estate occupied by seven small dogs. FML.