Sorry, Kylie Jenner’s hair extensions cost HOW MUCH?!

Probs not that big of an investment for an almost-billionaire though.

By Katie Stow

Kylie Jenner, despite being the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner brood, has never been one to do things in halves. Let's face it, she managed to hide her pregnancy from the world for nine months before having her baby girl, Stormi, and casually letting the universe know through a video that made EVERYONE cry. She also runs a massive beauty empire that has made her net-worth almost one billion dollars, and she is the highest earning Instagrammer ever to exist.

So what else did you think Kylie was going to do for her 21st other than go all out?!

Kylie Jenner's birthday party was nuts. It featured a fully pink-fringed exterior, a ball pool, themed cups, more celebs than you can shake a stick at, an emergency evacuation to hospital, and a mere three outfit changes from the birthday girl herself.

The one thing that we thought Kylie had kept kinda low key was her hair and makeup — opting for a slick, side-parted, low ponytail and no crazy-coloured cosmetics.

However, after Kylie's extension artist's (yes, that's a thing) chat with Refinery29 we now think Kylie's hair was the most extra thing there.

Violet Teriti explained that she used 400 grams of Slavic hair from Russia for Kylie's look. The price Teriti typically charges for hair of that quality is between $6,000 and $8,000.

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How does it cost that much?! Violet says, "There's nothing better than [Slavic] hair because it's the only hair that doesn't need to be bleached and processed so many times, or even toned and glossed — it's naturally already highlighted."

But still… SO MUCH MONEY!

Let's be honest though, for an almost-billionaire like Kylie Jenner, this is legitimately chump change. It's okay if you want to cry about that. We are sobbing right now too.