Kylie Jenner almost fell trying to do the Nicki Minaj Challenge

Recovered like a boss.

By Natasha Harding
Kylie Jenner

ICYMI: There’s this small thing taking over the internet RN called the Nicki Minaj Challenge. It involves people making sassy AF vids of themselves doing a spin and telling viewers they ‘can’t even spell’ something.

For context, the whole thing started a week ago when the hip hop kween, Nicki, shared a clip of herself doing a twirl on the tarmac before strutting her stuff into a private jet like it ain’t no thang, stating, "this is how bad bitches arrive to London and then go to Prague… You bitches can't even spell Prague."

Since then, a whole of fans have gone and reinvented the vid, with hilar results.

Now Kylie Jenner has tried her hand at the challenge and it is EVERYTHING.

Standing in her kitchen with a mouth full of pomegranate seeds, Ky does a low-key spin and almost loses it half way round. Recovering like a pro, Ky then tells the camera, “You bitches can’t even spell Pra-,” when the clip is cut off.

In short, she tried, failed and recovered like a total boss. What a leg.

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