Kylie Jenner just flashed her post-baby body and HOT DAMN

Because clearly all you want to wear one month after giving birth is a thong.

Kylie Jenner Post Baby Body

Kylie Jenner may have shocked the world with her surprise pregnancy and birth announcement when she dropped a goddamn beautiful video, catching up her fans on the last nine months and the arrival of her daughter — AKA her first child with newish boyfriend and now-baby daddy, Travis Scott.

While we have been celebrating her return to the spotlight and social media with a happy dance and instant notification request for every time the new mum posts literally ~anything~ online, no one — we repeat, no one — expected the graphic update from Miss Jenner this morning.

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Kylie was in the midst of posting a flurry of promotional pictures on her Instagram Stories — plugging her new Stormi-inspired makeup kit — when she decided to snap herself in a g-banger and crop top, flashing her post-baby body just one month after giving birth.

And, for the love of Kardashian-Jenner bods, she has sprung back as if her body never went through anything monumental — you know, something along the lines of PUSHING A DAMN HUMAN OUT YA VAG.

The videos she posted can be seen here, but we suggest reminding yourself that you are damn fine and to not feel blue that your abs don't look like this despite never having a baby living under them:

Anyone who's a mahoosive Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan will know that Kylie openly admits that she hates going to the gym and she's not one for working out (simultanously driving her gym-addict sister Khloe and the rest of the world bananas), so we're now wondering whether she's changed her ways post-baby and is getting into her fitness? Or she's been blessed with the snap-back-in-a-second gene that oh-so many celebrities seemed to have gained.

Grrr cruel world.

Now watch Kylie Jenner and Travis Scotts ridiculously short relationship timeline: