Kylie Jenner may be hiding her pregnancy because it has royally f*cked with her lips

Another day, another theory.

By Katie Stow

When it comes to Kylie Jenner pregnancy conspiracy theories we honestly thought we had heard them all — literally, one of them was tied to a doughnut, and it was ~pretty~ valid... But now a new theory has crept out of the woodwork, and it's all to do with why Kylie has gone into hiding.

Kylie has been MIA on the social media front for about a year now, depriving us of her daily body pans and lip syncing to rap music in her car. Most have now reached the conclusion that she is in stealth mode because she is trying to conceal her baby bump — with internet maths reaching the conclusion that she's currently about eight months pregnant.

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But, there's a new theory in town that's suggesting that Kylie isn't in hiding ~purely~ because she's pregnant and Momma Kris wants to stage the most epic baby-reveal of modern history — but instead because pregnancy has royally fucked with her lips.

We all know that Kylie Jenner is a fan of the old plump-and-pout, admitting a while back that she gets regular lip fillers after claiming she was incredibly insecure about her thin lips and was tired of having to over-line them every single day.

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Taking her from this:

To this:

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Now, what a lot of people don't know is that when you're pregnant you're not meant to get any plastic surgery — with lip fillers included in that mix. So it's likely that Kylie had to sacrifice her pout in order to ensure her baby's health was not put at risk.

This may mean that Kylie is not leaving her house because she doesn't want to be papped with her deflated lips, and that's why she's avoiding social media, too.

Now watch us investigate whether Kylie Jenner is actually Kim Kardashian's surrogate: