Kylie Jenner posts ~sexy~ pic in hot tub, is officially back, BBs!

She's a cool mom!

By Laura Beck

Kylie Jenner and BFF Jordyn Woods are in the mountains for either a mini-vacay or a photo shoot (or both!?), and either way, it's great to see Kylie back in the spotlight, where she belongs!

In a series of photos for Rays Corrupted Mind, Kylie wore a bright orange t-shirt layered over a gray sweater, while Jordyn chose a simple black hoodie with faux (at least it better be faux, Jordyn!!) fur trim. The pics are great, and I think we all need to schedule a trip to the mountains for a photo shoot ASAP.

Later, Kylie posted a photo of the two of them in a hot tub, and all I can say is: KYLIE JENNER IS BACK, BB!!

I love seeing Kylie as mum to adorable bb Stormi, but it's also great to see her back out there posing up a storm and frolicking in the jacuuz with her BFF. She knows what her fans want, and we want more pics of her soaking in the bubbles! (And also pics of Stormi, too.) (We are hard to please!)

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan US