Kylie Jenner shares adorable first picture of her baby girl

And her name is so cute...

After a very private pregnancy Kylie Jenner has shared the first picture of her baby girl with the world and announced the child's name...

In a post on Instagram the 20-year-old first time mum revealed her daughter's name: "stormi 👼🏽"

Born on Feb 1, the one-week old bub looks to be sleeping while clutching her mum's well manicured pink thumb.

Under the pic honourary Aunty Jordyn Woods wrote: "MY BABY GIRL"

Stormi's birth was announced via a cute AF video posted on Feb 4 which gave glimpses into the Lip Kit mogul's secret journey into motherhood.

Kylie also offered fans an explanation of the whole damn pregnancy saga, and WHY we've been kept in the dark all this time.

While fans had serious bets on the name 'Butterfly' for Kylie and Travis Scott's first child -- we had a compelling 'Butterfly' argument ourselves -- Stormi has taken the honours.

We're guessing the moniker is a version of 'Stormy', but Urban Dictionary already has a top meaning that sounds like it could have been written by Kylie herself...

So, Stormi is the first name but the speculation is still out on what the kid's last name will be, with some saying it won't be 'Jenner' or 'Scott'.