Apparently, Kylie Jenner will return to social media after giving birth with a 'motherhood rebrand'

Less lips, more lactating.

Kylie Jenner has been hiding away from social media for quite some time, keeping herself locked up in her mansion (which sounds a lot more fun than us being housebound in our crummy apartment) and avoiding public contact and paparazzi for nearly a whole year.

This would be some seriously dubious activity for a celeb — particularly one whose success is almost directly linked to her social media presence — but the reasoning behind her coyness is apparently because she is pregnant and expecting her first child. Well, that or she was Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's secret surrogate

Fans have been long awaiting the reality star's return, after her 100.8 million followers slipped into temporary mourning over her absence. But rumour has it that Kylie will make a big ass return to social media after her baby is born, and welcoming with it a whole rebrand of both Kylie herself and her brand, Kylie Cosmetics.

This brand shake-up is reportedly due to the 20 year-old wanting to present a more formal, grown-up version of herself to match her recent move into motherhood, and all the responsibly which that entails.

A source spoke to Entertainment Tonight to say:

So does this mean less lip kits and more lactation kits? We don't think that Kylie will go to that extreme, but perhaps this means new logos and new beauty products for Kylie Cosmetics — which will, no doubt, sell out just as quickly as any of her other creations.

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