A load of super creepy face-morphs that might just depict Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's baby

#4 will haunt your freakin' dreams.

By Natasha Harding

After months of relentless pregnancy rumours Kylie Jenner finally confirmed what we pretty much knew all along, taking to Instagram to announce she's given birth to a healthy baby girl with Travis Scott.

While we already know this kiddo is gonna be one lucky gal, with the Kardashian sisters as aunties and Kris as her G.Ma, we still don't know two crucial things about the youngest member of the fam: her name, or what she looks like.

For the name, we've come up with a load of entirely possible options, but as for her appearance, we had to get inventive.


Thankfully the internet is full of workarounds for people who have literally zero patience, leading to a rich variety of free baby generator apps. So, naturally, we tried everyone.

And the results are something else. I mean, our expectations weren't high because they apps are free, but holy shite you've just gotta see them.

To keep things remotely ~scientific~, we used the same pics of Kylie and Travis for all morphs, but boy are the results DIFFERENT.

Here goes nothing...

First up is this little munchkin:

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You ain't seen nothing yet though.

Then there's this one which is so realistic you might fall off your seat:

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This one was actually kinda cute:

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Until it loaded again and spat out this:

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The verdict? World 1 - Internet 0.