Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have reportedly split up

Splitsville for the new parents.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott may have just welcomed their first child together, Stormi Webster, but reports are out that the new parents have already split up.

According to Heat magazine, Kylie is now raising baby Stormi as a single mum after she booted Travis out of her life. Why did they end? Well, apparently it's all down to Travis focussing on his album and tour rather than spending time with Kylie during her pregnancy and being with Stormi once she arrived.

This comes as quite a shock as Travis (and his seemingly loving relationship with Kylie) featured heavily in the 11-minute film that the new mum dropped — confirming once and for all that she was indeed pregnant and had now given birth.

The film opened with Kylie's bestie, Jordyn Woods, talking about the couple getting together, saying that there was heaps of chemistry between the two — overlaying the voiceover with cute little clips of Kylie and Travis goofing around, kissing and being excited that their baby was on the way.

The source that spoke to Heat explained that, "Travis is a good guy — he wants to be there for his child, but he's not ready to settle down or put his career on the backburner."

The source also got a little ~candid~ about Kylie in the delivery room, explaining that she was quite the diva whilst giving birth.

"She wanted the lights off in the room, then complained it was too dark, and she said the flowers and candles were giving her a headache, even though she requested them. Even ice chips turned into a big drama — she didn't like the Styrofoam cup the nurse gave her and threw a fit."

To be honest, we're a little dubious of this 'source', because if Travis was truly absent during the pregnancy and Kylie knew she would be doing this alone, we think she wouldn't have gone to the effort of featuring him in the film. The shots of her and him looking loved-up, and the inclusion of his family in the footage make us believe that they were (at the very least) were together during the pregnancy and birth of their baby girl.

That being said, if you really want to read into the pregnancy announcement post that Kylie uploaded to Instagram, you'll note that the message was very 'I'-centric. "I chose to do it this way," "I couldn't wait to share this," "I've never felt love and happiness like this," "my beautiful and healthy baby girl."

Also, Travis hasn't been tagged in any uploads of Kylie's or shared anything about Stormi himself, leaving us thinking that perhaps he isn't as invested as the movie portrayed — at least from a public perspective. Plus, there has been heaps of rumours that Kylie has regrets about having her first child with Travis and not Tyga, as well as Tyga demanding a paternity DNA test for Stormi. All of these whispers spell out D-R-A-M-A to us.

If Kylie and Travis have broken up, at least we know that Kardashian-Jenner ladies are more than strong enough to carry a family on their own. With an awkward tendency for the men attached to the family to fall off the bandwagon and ultimately get kicked to the curb, we know that Kylie will have a heap of fierce, independent women to turn to for inspiration.