Did Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgeon just confirm that she’s not pregnant?

Scientific backing and all.

Kylie Jenner lip fillers pregnant

The internet is rife with stalker-sleuths trying to figure out once and for all whether Kylie Jenner is actually pregnant. Bump analysis' have occurred with every picture Kylie posts, and there have even been deep-dives into rumoured baby daddy, Travis Scott’s tweets to spot any pregnancy giveaways. But there has never been a clue greater than the one that has just been dropped, by a particularly unassuming character…

Yes, Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Simon Ourian, has just offered a pretty good reason why Miss Jenner is not pregnant. And it’s all to do with her lips.

Kylie’s lips attracted another batch of wild rumours a couple years ago when she had not confirmed whether her pout was surgically enhanced. Spoiler alert: The rumours were true as she had undergone lip filler surgery.

Since that batch of lip plumping, Kylie has remained committed to her enhanced pout and has continued to pump it up with lip filler top-ups. Now the reason this links into her pregnancy scandal, is because pregnant women should NOT get lip fillers — in fact, most surgeons refuse to give them to women who are expecting. Dr. Ourian said this to Page Six:

So if Kylie is pregnant, she should be avoiding those top-ups to protect her baby.

Now, of course we don’t know the intimate details of Kylie’s lip filler schedule, but based off her photos, she seems to still be rocking a pretty full pout.

However, this could be down to the natural boost in fullness of women’s lips that occurs when they’re pregnant (due to an increase in oestrogen and swelling). Meaning that Kylie may have dropped the fillers but be plumped up on pregnancy!

So, perhaps this plastic surgery clue isn’t as huge as we thought… but at least we now know that fillers are a no-go if we ever get pregnant!