Lady Gaga has been spotted kissing a brand new man

Taylor whoooo?

By Bianca Mastroianni
Lady Gaga spotted kissing Christian Carino

TBH we still aren't completely over Lady Gaga and her ex-fiance Taylor Kinney calling off their engagement.

Ouch, our hearts.

BUT, it looks like Gagz has officially gotten #OverIt.

Yesterday, Gaga was spotted leaving the Sunset Towers hotel in Hollywood with manager and talent agent Christian Carino, and they totally made out in front of everyone without a care in the world.

Daily Mail posted all the juicy pics, and if anythings clear it's that Gaga has moved on.

It isn't the first time the two have been spotted together, in fact they attended a Kings of Leon concert over the weekend Lady Gaga performed at the Super Bowl.

We aren't so sure she wants us fans to "root" for her and Taylor anymore, just sayin'.