NOT A DRILL: Lana Del Rey just released her first song in nearly 2 years

Listen to her new track, "Love," here.

By Sarah Lindig
Lana Del Rey

It's been two years since Lana Del Rey released her album Honeymoon.

Earlier this week, cinematic posters featuring Del Rey's ethereal face gazing down from a starry sky started popping up around Los Angeles suggesting something new — something called "Love" — was soon to come from the songstress.

Then today, Lana Del Rey surprise-dropped her first song since 2015. The track, titled "Love," as per the posters, is — surprise — a love song, coloured with all the moody romance, vintage vibes, and breathy vocals that Del Rey has made her signature.

"Love" is currently available to hear via Apple Music and YouTube.

Rolling Stone reports that a Richard Lee-directed music video for the song is soon to come. So get ready, because you're about to fall in love with Lana all over again.

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