Legally Blonde almost had a totally different ending that would have ruined the entire movie

Phew, thank goodness they changed it.

Legally Blonde may have been released 17-years ago but Elle Woods is still one of the most influential feminist characters of the modern age -- even anti-feminist Donald Trump couldn't help plagerise her iconic "have faith in yourselves" speech.

But according to one of the film's co-writer's Karen McCullah, the movie nearly ran aground into tragic rom-com territory when the OG ending would have robbed us of Reese Witherspoon's character's brilliant graduation scene.

"Originally it ended at the courthouse right after the trial," she confessed to Entertainment Weekly.

"Everyone was congratulating Elle, and Emmett came up and gave her a big kiss. Then there was a tag where it was a year in the future and she and Vivian, who was now blonde, had started the Blonde Legal Defense Fund and they were in the quad handing out pamphlets."

But test audiences weren't satisfied; sure Elle went to Harvard to chase a boy, but she'd learned so much about herself that she didn't need her whole story to be quantified by getting a final kiss from Luke Wilson's Emmett.

"The test-screening audience didn't feel like it was an exciting enough ending for [Elle], success-wise," said Karen. Adding: "They knew that this was not a movie about a girl getting a guy. The kiss made it seem like it was a rom-com."

So that is when Karen and her co-writers got to work penning Elle's triumphant speech; words we've taken into our lives forever.

But shooting it was kinda tought because both Reese and Luke had gone on to do other films; both of which had required major hair changes.

But, thanks to the magic of Hollywood, Witherspoon took time off The Importance of Being Ernest set in England to shoot her part, while audience reactions were shot on a sound stage in California.

According to Karen, all of the changes were worth it.

"This to me was the most important part, so when we decided to redo the ending I'm like, 'She still needs to be able to tell Warner off.'"

Awwwwww, bend and SNAP! ;)