Lena Dunham is spot on with her description of Taylor Swift's feminism

She's one of the pop artists who noticeably isn't trafficking in her own sexuality.

We’ve all watched as Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham’s BFF status blossomed into the most beautiful, feminism-loving, supportive, gushing friendship in the whole of Hollywood. And today, it got even better because Lena has said some incredibly nice things about how Taylor is an all-round legend and giving feminism a good name.

Chatting to her Girls creative partner Jenni Konner for Time Out New York Lena explained why she finds Taylor so damn inspiring:

"Her image is as a woman in control and as a woman in power, but it's also somewhat clean-cut, like the opposite of getting naked on television. She's one of the pop artists who noticeably isn't trafficking in her own sexuality. She has an America's Sweetheart quality, and I have sometimes like a quarter of Americans' demon quality. But she's really comfortable supporting what I do and saying why she thinks it can also have the power to speak to women."

The reason Taylor’s feminist power came up in the first place is because Jenni refers to an interview with Taylor on NPR in which she was asked: "Well you have this incredible power over all these young women. Do you ever think of using it for something other than what you’re doing?"

Lena and Jenni both agree that the question is "so offensive."

"The woman was like, 'You just talk about romance so much and everything,'" Jenni continued. "As if that’s not helping a teen girl. As if that’s not the thing that’s obsessing the teen girl more than anything."

But because Taylor doesn’t let a little thing like “other people’s opinions” affect her, Lena had even more praise for her bestie.

"As you know, the Internet can put me to bed for four days sometimes, and to know someone who can be under the kind of scrutiny she's under and wear it so lightly and just like move through the world and..."

"Shake it off?", Jenni suggests.


Lena also had some nice things to say about Taylor’s live concerts comparing it to a Bieber show she was once forced to attend. (Our hearts go out to you, Lena.)

"These girls are having peak emotional experience. I was at a Justin Bieber concert once - because Judd Apatow forced me to take his daughter because he didn't want to - and I was like, this is horrible. This is like some kind of drug has been released into the arena and three-year-old girls are crying and humping things.

"But with Taylor, it's just pure unadulterated joy; it's 'transportative'."

So basically, Taylor is doing amazing things for feminism, Bieber is still a douche.