Leonardo DiCaprio wears a bum bag on holiday in Thailand, gives zero f*cks

They’re practical, okay?

By Erin Van Der Meer
Leonardo DiCaprio wears a bum bag on holiday in Thailand

It’s common knowledge that when Leonardo DiCaprio is on holiday, he one hundred percent lives his best life.

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Leo works hard when he’s on set, and has given us some of our most beloved movie characters and hilarious memes, so the guy deserves to let his hair down.

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On a holiday to Thailand this week Leo obviously wanted his hands free to take photos and hold two drinks at once and other sh*t you do on vacay, because he was seen wearing a bum bag – or as they’re awkwardly called in the US, a fanny pack.

The Oscar winner was exploring the ruins of Ayutthaya Historical Park about an hour north of Bangkok, and he looked chill AF as he strolled around. You do you, Leo.

Last year Leo won the Academy Award for Best Actor last year for his fully hectic performance in The Revenant, so as tradition dictates he’ll be at tomorrow’s Oscars to present the Best Actress award. He probably won’t be wearing his bum bag, but honestly, the guy can do whatever he wants. He’s Leonardo god-damn DiCaprio.

Before this instantly meme-able bum bag sighting in Thailand, the last joyous peek we got into Leo’s life was when he went to Salt Bae’s restaurant in Dubai, and looked on with fascination as Salt Bae salted his steak like only Salt Bae can.

He’s also doing his best to save the world, by trying to educate Donald Trump on the fact that climate change is a real, terrifying thing.

What a man.