Meet Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest supermodel girlfriend

You’ll probably recognise her.

leonardo dicaprio nina agdal dating

In our minds, Leonardo DiCaprio has a list of every supermodel on the planet, and he’s made it his mission to romance them and tick them off, one by one.

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According to US Weekly, the name he’s currently at is that of Sports Illustrated babe, Nina Agdal.

The magazine reports that they’ve been dating since May, with a “source close to the actor” confirming the relationship and that things are “supercasual”. But this isn’t the first we’ve heard of this genetically wonderful hookup – it was rumoured last month that the pair had holidayed in the Bahamas and Montauk together, and before that there were MORE RUMOURS about them hooking up in 2014.

When quizzed by Cosmopolitan.com about the man himself last year and whether or not he’d made a move on her, Nina said, "No. He's a nice guy, but no."

“Of course I've met him, but Leonardo just goes out with the same group of people as everybody,” she added. “So I hate that people, like, start stirring stuff up, because he's just in the same area. That happens a lot. But that's gossip, right? That's why we all have these magazines [Laughs*].”

So, are these flowers from him, or not?