Huge news: Liam Hemsworth is masquerading as Russian tennis player Karen Khachanov

Is there anything he can’t do?!

By Lorna Gray

Hi, everyone. We'd like to inform you that Aussie legend Liam Hemsworth has been playing tennis at the US Open, masquerading as Russian tennis ace Karen Khachanov.

Let's forget the fact he's called Karen for just a moment and investigate closely.

We can confirm Liam hasn't posted on Instagram in five days, the last post being him pranking Miley Cyrus and her calling him the C-word. We've included the video at the top because, iconic.

Anyhoo, he would've had plenty of time to haul ass to the US open and masquerade as Karen.

Until they're in the same room together I refuse to believe that Karen isn't Liam and vice versa.

Here, some compelling evidence: