Liam Payne reveals why his son was named ‘Bear’

This is bear-y sweet (sorry)

It’s gonna be one helluva year for Liam Payne!

While he may be about to drop his very first debut solo single 'Strip That Down' to eager fans this Friday, judging by his latest interview it’s clear that the former One Direction singer's crowning achievement is being a first-time dad to Bear Payne.

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While he and partner Cheryl kept the entire pregnancy and the bub’s birth on completely on the DL, we’ve slowly but surely received more delicious nuggets of info on baby Bear, with the 23-year-old today revealing on Total Access radio that it was in fact former X-Factor host Chez who gave their child the unusual moniker.

“It was an internal battle," he said. "I wanted a more traditional name and she wanted a name that was more unusual... The reason she chose Bear was because Bear is a name that when you leave a room, you won't forget."

"And I like that," he added.

"You know what? Now he is Bear," Liam continued. "When I look at him, he's just Bear. At first I wasn't really having it. I was like, ‘I'm not really sure. I don't really understand.' Now I look at him and he's Bear. You become your name as you get older anyway."

And with the sneak peek of his Liam’s new single ‘Strip That Down’, sending Twitter into collective melt down this morning, it sounds like he's in for his craziest year yet.

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