Liam Payne just revealed Cheryl's nickname for Bear and we can't even

We can BEAR-ly contain ourselves

We legit can’t get enough of Liam Payne and Cheryl’s newborn bub Bear, and after hearing deets of Payno's latest Q&A sesh with fans, it's pretty safe to say we’re full-blown smitten.

Answering questions for around 20 fans in an intimate event, Liam spilled on everything from life as a new dad, to his love of In-N-Out burger.

Luckily for all of us, one diehard Directioner detailed the entire meeting on Twitter, revealing that Cheryl’s nickname for baby Bear is… Wait for it…


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So. Effing. Cute.

The mega-fan went into all the deets of the meeting, posting in a series of tweets:

Meanwhile, it looks like the loved-up pair are getting into the swing of ‘rent life, inviting friends and fam to their home in Surrey for Bear’s ~official~ welcome party.

And while the notoriously private duo kept the shindig on the DL from social media, other guests like Liam’s bestie Andy Samuels were nice enough to post some party pics to Snapchat to allow us to get our creep on.

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Posting a snap alongside Liam and other pals, Andy captioned the group photo,

“God bless Bear from the lads,” followed by an image of some drool-worthy blue and white personalised cupcakes for the adorable occasion.

Guess our invite got lost in the mail, right Liam?

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