Liev Schreiber just stepped up on live TV and adopted two puppies orphaned by Hurricane Harvey

Watching Ray Donavon fawn all over these two puppies might be the cutest thing you see all year.

Liev Schreiber might be known for his tough onscreen characters but IRL he’s a big sweetheart who just adopted two puppies on live TV after they were left displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

The Ray Donavon star met the dogs backstage on Live with Kelly and Ryan and was instantly smitten with two of them.

The dogs, who had been rescued by the Home for Good Dog Rescue, were featured on an earlier segment of the show to raise awareness about all the animals who were affected by the natural disaster that ravaged Houston and other parts of the US last week. Moved by what he saw, Liev clearly wanted to help.

“I just had a dust up with one of your producers,” Liev, 49, said as he feigned irritation to hosts Kelly Rippa and Ryan Seacrest. “I don’t think it’s fair or appropriate that your producers get to take all of the dogs that came from Houston.”

"My sons want a dog and I found the perfect dog, but one of your producers already wants my dog," he pleaded. "Think of my poor 10-year-old son sitting at home right now, looking at the television, weeping for his beloved [puppy]."

Picking up on Liev was putting down Seacrest quipped, “I think this is going to work out for you.”

After Facetiming with his ex, Naomi Watts and their two young boys, Sasha and Kai, Schreiber sealed the deal and welcomed two sibling puppies into their family.

Woody and his soon-to-be-named sister left the show with the actor in a town car to go on and live out their fab new lives as spoiled, and very-loved, NYC pooches.