Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart dishes out the sassiest clapback to Twitter body shamer


By Natasha Harding

Riverdale fans know that under Betty Cooper’s pretty girl-next-door exterior she’s actually one helluva badass kween. Just ask Chuck Clayton.

Welp, get ready to add the actress who plays Betty, Lili Reinhart, to your list of clapback role models ‘cause this gal has got some Chrissy Teigen-level Twitter sass. It all started when one ‘fan’, @50shadesdemi, decided to dish out a series of Tweets offering some condescending AF ‘career advice’ to Lili. The focus? Her weight.

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“On google when u type Lili Reinhart, 'Lili Reinhart body' is one of the main searches. Please start being healthy,” the user wrote.

“I love you but I also can’t stand to see you look so unhealthy and be happy with it. It’ll out shine your talent,” they continued.

“You’re such a talented actress Lili I don’t want your weight to overshadow it.”

Yep, that actually happened. Someone actually thinks that, despite how talented Lili is, her entire career might be jeopardised because of her weight.

Us RN:

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But rather than going all Dark Betty on her ass, Lili took the moral high road with a sassy as hell tweet:

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What a bloody kween.

Of course, Twitter exploded with pride over Lili’s DGAF response with their own incred tweets:

Since the post @50shadesdemi has gone and deleted their account (presumably due to the intense backlash from the dedicated Riverdale fandom).

The takeaway? Nobody messes with Lili.

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