Surprise! Lindsay Lohan is actually thriving in 2018

Your fave child star has had a makeover.

By Susannah Guthrie

Lindsay Lohan has had a rough decade. Girlfriend was chased by paparazzi everywhere she went, battled drug and alcohol addiction, faced down bankruptcy and has approximately six mugshots.

Then there was that weird time she adopted a European accent out of nowhere????? We don't even know.

But the good news is, she's in a happier place in her life now! And that place is a beachfront club she owns in Mykonos in the Greek Islands.

LiLo spilled the deets on her new life in a lengthy interview with The New York Times and dropped some serious bombshells.

There were no photos though because LiLo only does paid shoots now. Obvi.

Here is what we learned about the iconic redhead's current situation.

The accent is gone

According to writer Gabrielle Bluestone, Linds has swapped her whack faux-expat accent for her good old American one.

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Her Greek beach club is killing it

The Lohan Beach House, which launched this June with a video of LiLo being sexy in various bodies of water, is a legit hit.

According to a cab driver quoted in the NYT piece, the club is "a genuine island success".

...And the clientele is WILD

One guest is described as, " a shirtless and ripped Romanian man with several teardrops tattooed on his face and the image of a person doing cocaine inked on his abs danced near the bar". Hectic.

She moved to Dubai to get away from the Kardashians

Apparently LiLo is loving life in her Dubai penthouse where she can "leave the door unlocked" and avoid people whose first and last names start with the letter 'K'.

"[Dubai] is the safest place. It's less demanding ... I don't have to turn on the news and see about the Kardashians," Lindsay said.

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She occasionally stays in churches?

Even if you have a luxury penthouse in Dubai and a beach club in Mykonos, it keeps you real to stay with a random family in a Greek church.

According to the NYT: "Ms. Lohan was staying with a host family in a small church in Greece, 'because I wanted to be, like, with a family, alone'."


She's m8s with Donald Trump's daughter

No, not Ivanka but Tiffany, who Linds describes as "a really sweet girl. Nice person".

Tiffany is apparently planning to visit her BFF in Greece next months. Pics or it didn't happen.

Do you think Tiff and Linds ever discuss that one time Tiff's dad said Linds would be "great in bed"?
Do you think Tiff and Linds ever discuss that one time Tiff's dad said Linds would be "great in bed"?

She wants her own reality TV show

LiLo also has "plans for a Vanderpump Rules style reality show for MTV". Yes, we admit it's ironic she's trying to avoid cameras and yet planning to document her life 24/7 for a TV audience but DON'T BE A HATER.

She no longer talks to her family in real life, only on Facetime

"Look, I'm not in control of my family," Linds said. "I'm only in control of myself. We're all friends. My mom and dad are friends, everyone's good."

Lindsay Lohan to everyone, basically:

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