Louis Tomlinson has revealed why the 1D reunion is taking so damn long

So THAT’S why!

By Matt Galea
Louis Tomlinson has revealed why the 1D reunion is taking so long

One Direction’s hiatus is taking SO damn long that we’re starting to forget what life was like with 1D… we just remember that it was glorious!

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And we’re sorry to report that it might still be a little while before our fave band release new tunes together.

The oldest 1D member, Louis Tomlinson revealed to the Today Show that while the band are definitely, 100 per cent keen to reunite one day, that day probably won’t be any time soon.

"There's time for that," Louis told the hosts. "Nobody knows when. I think we're enjoying a bit of time to ourselves, exploring our own solo things."

Well, that does make sense.

Louis was on the US talk show promoting his first solo single ’Just Hold On’ with legendary DJ, Steve Aoki.

Meanwhile, the other band members have been busy with solo stuff as well.

Harry Styles has been busy filming Dunkirk and he’s ~rumoured~ to have solo music out soon, Niall Horan won an award for ‘Favourite Break Out’ for his solo career and in addition to becoming a soon-to-be father, Liam has been busy in the studio with artists like Charlie Puth and Conor Maynard.

Okay okay, fine.

We’ll support your solo ventures like nobody’s business, as long as you promise to reunite!



Okay good.

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