So, Beyonce and Eminem are playing Coachella and Louis Tomlinson is annoyed

He's pisssssssssed.

The official Coachella lineup has been announced and it's got gigantic star power with Beyonce, The Weeknd, and Eminem headlining, but not everyone is happy.

Louis Tomlinson is one such disgruntled fan and took his frustrations to Twitter to complain about the lack of "bands" headlining."Just seen the Coachella line up .... Where the f**k are all the bands!? It's a festival!?"

The former One Direction band member is a self-proclaimed Oasis and Arctic Monkeys fan, so we guess Queen Bey just won't cut it then, eh?

But wait, where is your band to play the gig, Louis? Fans reminded him...

FYI, if you do wanna splurge on a tickkie he's the full line up here ;)