Follow Love Island Australia's Contestants On Instagram Before Sunday’s Premiere

We stalked them so you don’t have to.

By Kate Wagner

Love Island Australia is so close we can almost taste the sunscreen. If you didn't watch the British one, you are in for a treat, friends.

Love Island is Bachelor in Paradise on steroids. Host Sophie Monk has already described it to NW as "Big Brother meets a lot of sex," adding that she loves "watching the sex scenes."

So it's fair to say it's going to be sexy (or at least involve a lot of sex).

The British one was particularly endearing because of the contestants' catchphrases. Hearing Olivia (queen) lament there were too many "good sorts", she was "getting swallowed up in dick sand" or everyone constantly saying "on paper, she's perfect" followed closely by a "but…" gave us life. The jury's out on whether the Aussie slang will match up.

A quick stalk of the initial contestants suggests it's going to be the correct amount of cooked. Here's the contestants for your 'gram scrolling pleasure... enjoy!

Erin, @erin.alysha

Our deep dive (watching the Love Island promo) reveals Erin is a nurse — a far more noble profession than ours, so hats off there.

In her intro vid, she tells us: "Girls don't like me and I do not care." Spoken like a true feminist.

Prediction: She's the first girl to start a fight when another girl hits on the guy she's coupled up with.

Charlie, @charlietaylor

We can tell by his captions he's a real jokester. We really believed he was going to stay in bed all day — what a bloody crack-up.

Also, in his intro vid he says he has 290k followers on Instagram, but at time of writing he has 178k. Either he was lying or he did something so offensive, he lost over 100,000 followers.

Oh wait, he just said his perfect woman was "someone who looks after herself" AKA hot… maybe that ground-breaking and refreshing statement explains where his followers went?

Prediction: Every girl in the house says she loves his eyes and giggles flirtatiously at least once.

Tayla, @tayla.damir

Tayla's a Lebanese beauty queen who has — according to a quick follower search — already caught the eye of 'Bachelorette' alum Cam Cranley, so she's deep in the throes of Australia's incestuous reality TV stars.

Prediction: She's bored senseless by the first guys and waits for fresh blood before becoming invested.

Josh, @joshmoss_m

Josh says he works in sport admin, but judging by his grid, he's quite partial to some modelling.

So artsy.

His intro video reveals that "girls either want to kiss me or slap me". He actually seems funny and may just be the Chris of Australia's season— hopefully he finds his Kem.

Prediction: He tells three girls they're "his type" on the same day.

Justin, @justinlacko

Unlike the rest of the uggos (jk) on here, Justin is an "international male model". Yet to determine if this is just because Instagram is considered an international platform.

Our favourite thing about his 'gram is that he's very careful to specify that whenever a girl is in the photo, they're just friends.

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Prediction: He tells everyone how unbothered he is when no one chooses to couple up three shows in.

Natasha, @tashacherie

Natasha is a beautician who is looking for a "guy that will put me on a pedestal and treat me like I'm number one".

Her grid is just thirst-trap selfies, tbh.

Prediction: She's disappointed by calibre of men who're probably not the 'putting on a pedestal' type.

Grant, @grant_crapp

Holy Crapp! Tradie Grant is super confident, which may or may be a result of spending his childhood in constant ridicule because of his last name (according to a source who went to his primary school).

His grid appears to only consist of shirtless photos. We're not complaining.

^ This caption proves there's another jokester in the fray so Charlie better watch out.

Prediction: He creates an alias so no one on the show ever discovers his real name.

Millie, @millie1993

Millie works at a doggy day care — this is not a drill — and says training a dog is way easier than taming a man. AMIRIGHT, honey?! Men are trash, etc, etc.

Mills (can we call you Mills?) says "when girls are bitchy and backstabbing, I'll definitely pull them up on it". Luckily for her, a bunch of young men and women trapped in a villa competing over the same pool of love interests is not very likely to get tense or bitchy, so she'll probably have a relaxing holiday.

She also called herself a "cheeky bugger" and we are here for Aussie slang to compete with the Brits.

Prediction: She doesn't call out anyone on their bitchiness.

Eden, @dallyeden

Eden — not to be confused with BIP Eden — is a prison guard, which is both terrifying and weirdly seductive. Like, he's not a bad boy, but he's real close to some during the day.

The biggest takeaway from Instagram is that he has his last name tattooed on his arm, encased by the Southern Cross.

Prediction: He doesn't wear a shirt the entire time he's in the villa.

Cassidy, @cattcity

The show says she's a barmaid, which is weird since it's not 1832 and that was the last time someone used that expression.

Unlike everyone else on the show, she also models! Shocked.

Based on her grid (which is a true reflection of her personality) she seems sweet; I'm a tentative fan.

There you have it, folks. Bring on Sunday.

Prediction: She's the first to couple up and they make it to top four.