'Love Island Australia' winners Grant and Tayla reveal they're moving to Sydney together

And they share their big plans for that prize money.

By Susannah Guthrie

Ok fam, by now we all know Tayla and Grant have won Love Island Australia and decided to split their $50,000 prize money. And if you don't know, congratulations, you must have hobbies.

As the good citizens who voted for them, we need to know what they're planning on doing with their fragile hearts now they're off that Godforsaken island and in the real world.

We were burned by Tara and Sam. We will not be burned again.

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Putting aside the fact these two individuals are literally 22 and 21 and none of us knew what we're doing when we're 21, are they going to get married and have babies?

Maybe. But first they're going to move to Sydney and live together without free-flowing alcohol, Spanish sunshine and a bunch of horny strangers.

While Tayla said Grant initially told her to take all the money herself – "He said, 'You deserve it after six weeks with me,' and it's true, I do" – she decided to go halvsies instead.

"Me and Grant are moving to Sydney together so I'm going to use my prize money to go back and forth from Perth to Sydney and to meet each other's families," Tayla revealed to Cosmopolitan.

"We'll definitely live together I think, it would just be stupid to go backwards in our relationship. One day in the villa honestly feels like a week."


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Grant, meanwhile, has a noble cause in mind: his sick mate, who was put into the ICU in a critical condition after an accident during Grant's time on the show.

"I got a bit of news about him while I was in there but not much. I'm going to give half the money to his family, they're going to need it," he said.

Neither of them have seen the absolute pandemonium that was broadcast to the nation yet so they have that to look forward to, but they don't seem too fussed about anything except for their heavy-handed canoodling.

"For me on the outside world I don't do PDA," Tayla explained. "But when you're in the villa and you're surrounded by all these other couples, we were just always kissing and it's quite disgusting. I feel sorry for you all having to watch that."

Speaking of sex, any truth to the pregnancy rumours? And what will their parents say about all that under-the-covers action?

"We were genuinely shocked by the pregnancy scare stuff," Tayla said.

"It definitely couldn't have been us that was near impossible. But the only other people," she added, before hastily correcting herself, "or just the only people that were having sex in the villa were Erin and Eden," she added.

"As soon as you go under the sheets people assume a lot more than what was actually going on so we can reassure our families."

Eden and Erin a.k.a. the randy ones.
Eden and Erin a.k.a. the randy ones.

They were also up for chatting about the other big rumour: that Eden and Erin knew each other before the show started.

"We've heard this one," Grant said.

"It just did seem too perfect but at the same time I'm never going to question their relationship, they are in love whether or not they knew each other," Tayla added.

"Whether they were in love before they went in or after, we don't know."

As for the people they'll avoid now they're off the island?

"I don't think I'll be inviting Cassidy over for dinner," Tayla said.

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