The 'Love Island' Australia contestants have impressive celeb lookalikes

Some of the contestants were giving us major déjà vu —now we know why.

By Kate Wagner

Love Island Australia is proving to be a damn roller coaster. There's been fisticuffs, couples formed out of spite and a whole heap of backstabbing. Safe to say it's a far cry from the "everybody loves everybody" vibe of the English version.

And while we're living for the drama, we've been distracted by the fact so many contestants have legit doppelgängers. Sure, some are obvious (Jax, we get it) but other snuck up on us.

We've assembled the closest twins and if you don't agree... don't @ us.

Jaxon & Charlie Hunnam

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Let's get the obvious one out of the way. Jax' whole schtick is looking like the Sons of Anarchy alum and it's working, at least enough for Millie to be convinced he was the actual actor, who apparently has nothing better to do with his time than fraternise with a bunch of horny Aussies.

Tayla & Gal Gadot

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The two pageant queens might very well be doppelgängers, but that's not all they have in common. They've also both got pics with Adrien Grenier.

Cassidy & Alex Nation

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Both churned out by the reality TV machine and both gorgeous blondes. While Alex won her season of The Bachelor, Cassidy's sneaky play last night in the recoupling makes us think she won't share the same fate.

Eden & Josh Dugan

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The prison guard is the spitting image of Cronulla Sharks' player, Josh Dugan. Neither are short of tattoos and can both wear the hell out of some stubble.

Grant & Kevin Jonas

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The resident sparky Grant is reminiscent of everyone's favourite Jonas brother, Kevin. Also, Kev's wife kiiiiind of looks like Tayla. Coincidence?

Erin & Iggy Azalea

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With their long blonde locks and heart-shaped faces, Erin could be mistaken for the Australian export.

Elias & Alexander Skarsgård

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While freshly evicted contestant Elias didn't find love on the island, he at least has all of those abs to keep him company.

Josh & a Ken doll

The only explanation for his hair staying that perfect is that it's plastic — it all makes sense.

Natasha & Tiffany Trump

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From the big lips to blonde bouffants, are we the only ones seeing double?