‘Love Island’ just welcomed its first official ‘Love Island’ baby!

Cara and Nathan just had themselves a little baby boy.

Love Island is our go-to source of entertainment when we're looking for a show that combines sun, sand, singles and sex-on-TV. The second season of the UK show broke records with its viewers, as nations around the world became obsessed with these lads and lasses trying to find love in this bizarre villa covered in cameras.

The couple that took the crown (and cash prize) that year was Nathan and Cara, the pair that were both from Essex and had shacked-up together from the first day of filming. After winning Love Island, the two retreated to their hometown and set up camp together, continuing their relationship off-camera.

However, things got reeeeal serious when, in June, Cara announced that she was expecting her first child, but that she and Nathan had also broken up.

Cara has been pretty candid about the fact that her and Nathan are definitely not together, but that they remain great friends and are looking forward to being parents to their little tot — proved by the fact they had a joint baby shower, where they announced together that they were expecting a little baby boy!

But because reality TV drama never ends on-screen, Cara and Nathan got back together last month and have been working on their relationship.

Skip forward a month or so, and Cara and Nathan have just welcomed their baby boy!

Though they haven't revealed what their first child's name is yet — we're guessing that will probably come out in a glossy magazine shoot — the couple has shared just how traumatic labour was for poor Cara. The new mum shared a video of her taking gas and air during what seems like hectic contractions, whilst Nathan announced the arrival of his son with a selfie of him and baby momma looking very, very sore.

Though we want to send our condolences for having to go through what seemed like a bloody painful labour, we also want to say congrats to this Love Island couple for becoming first-time parents!

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