The most controversial things to ever happen on ‘Love Island’

The ‘Every Hole’s a Goal’ challenge raised a few eyebrows.

By Erin Cook

Have you been watching Love Island? This year, Australia finally earned its very own edition of the UK's favourite dating show.

For those playing at home, the premise of Love Island goes a little like this: a bunch of sexy singles are dropped into a villa in Mallorca, Spain. For six weeks, the contestants 'couple up' and then 're-couple' as more people join the madness. Over the course of the show, people are steadily eliminated until one couple are announced as the winners.

What could go wrong? You know, apart from everything.

The first episode of Love Island aired in the UK in 2015. In the three years that have followed, the show has attracted a sizeable amount of controversy. Here, we round up eight moments that left us scratching our heads:

1. The show as a whole

Before the show aired in Australia, psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg aired his concerns. "It's been going in the UK since 2006, essentially it's a program about size eight girls and oversexed meat-heads with six packs," Dr Carr-Gregg told 3AW. "I think it's going to display — and I'm [going to be] delighted if I'm wrong — terrible attitudes towards women."

2. When UK contestant Zara Holland was stripped of her Miss Great Britain crown

In 2016, Zara Holland entered the Love Island house while she was the reigning Miss Great Britain. After sleeping with fellow contestant, Alex Bowen, while on the show, she was subsequently stripped of her title/crown/whatever-you-call-it. Does that sound like slut shaming to you? Because it sounds like slut shaming to us.

3. When one contestant was a porn star… and her boyfriend had no idea

Again in 2016 (it was a controversial year for Love Island), 27-year-old Cara De La Hoyde won alongside her boyfriend, Nathan Massey. While the two were still in the villa, another contestant, Scotty T, outed Cara, revealing she had a porn career that she'd kept secret from Nathan.

4. Couples keeping other contestants up at night with their, err, antics

Apparently, couples have been going at it like rabbits in the first season of Love Island Australia. Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, recent evictee Justin Lacko said he'd resorted to wearing ear plugs at night. "I heard all the sounds and all the movements so I had to put in my ear plugs to get a good night's sleep," he said. "Thank god for ear plugs." The main offenders? Eden Dally and Erin Barnett — apparently.

5. A UK contestant revealed she’d once dated Prince Harry

Yes, THE Prince Harry. Prior to shacking up with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry was on the dating scene for many years. Love Island 2017 contestant Camilla Thurlow, revealed that she once grabbed a drink with the Prince — however, their relationship was never serious.

6. Speaking of Harry… the UK host of Love Island allegedly dated the Prince too

Small world, huh? When Camilla entered the Love Island villa, she was worried there would be a bit of tension between herself and the show's host, Caroline Flack, who reportedly dated Prince Harry too. Caroline once described herself as Harry's "bit of rough."

7. When one contestant cheated on his girlfriend… while she slept in the bed next to him

This one is seriously messed up. On Love Island UK, Rykard Jenkins had sex with fellow contestant, Olivia Buckland, while his girlfriend slept in. the. same. bed. Rykard's GF, Rachel Fenton, had no idea what happened until the couple exited the villa — and the show's host Caroline accidentally revealed all.

8. When Australian contestants took part in a challenge called ‘Every Hole’s a Goal’

The 'Every Hole's a Goal' game has been labelled the raunchiest in the show's history — and we can understand why. During an X-rated challenge recently aired on Love Island Australia, contestants picked a ball labelled with a body part and kicked it towards the person they wanted to kiss. Things went from zero to 100 real quick.