Are ‘Love Island’s’ Grant and Cassidy hooking up?

You decide... (also, this is such a classic 'life is great after being dumped' move)

By Rebecca Hooton

The guy with Australia's most famous surname, Grant Crapp, seems to have done a mighty fine job of putting the final nail in the coffin of #grayla in the past week, with Tayla saying that she's "ready for this next chapter" in a recent Instagram post.

YASSS, you go girlfriend.

'It was really only a three-week relationship, so I know I'll be fine," she told Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM.

She's even had ex-boyfriends in touch with her, adding: "A few of my ex-boyfriends in my past have actually reached out and said, 'Are you okay?' But I'm taking time for myself at the moment."

We're SO happy for her to take that $25k and move right along...

Grant's wasted no time getting back in touch with his exes either, including the person he originally chose to couple up with in the villa — Cassidy.

While we thought he wouldn't want anything to do with Cassidy who seemingly ruined his life during his time in the villa — and who HE was the one to have ditched, his latest views make us not so sure.

He confirmed to Kyle and Jackie O that he and Cassidy had met up at The Publican bar in Melbourne recently, and that he was still attracted to her.

"She did look good. She's a very attractive girl. That's why I picked her in the first place," he said.

But wait,THEN, when they asked him if he'd get back together with Cassidy, he said, "I dunno."

You don't know?! Ummm, okay.

Now, we couldn't help but notice that Cass has just posted a super hot pic of herself wearing nothing but a crop top and underwear (looking like such a babe, we must say).

Image via @cattcity
Image via @cattcity

Not that any girl needs any good reason to post a ~fire~ pic of herself, but if a certain ex just ~happens~ to see it, you know, that's never a bad thing… COUGH Grant COUGH.

Along with the pic, Cassidy wrote, "Feels good to finally be back in a routine."

Would that routine include a certain guy with the surname Crapp by any chance, Cass?

Now watch Grant and Tayla talk about his 'secret girlfriend' outside the villa...

Not that we think she needs any reminding, but we'll just leave these words here for you Cassidy: DODGED A BULLET.