Love Island's Cassidy addresses those pregnancy rumours

We'll find out in 12 to 15 weeks.

By Susannah Guthrie

Just in case you thought Love Island couldn't get any more hectic, it appears we might have a Spanish lovechild on our hands.

Ousted contestant Cassidy McGill has spilled the dirt on rumours one of her fellow island residents low-key asked producers for a pregnancy test.

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Chatting to OK! Magazine Cassidy refused to shut down speculation one of the ladies could be with child, but admitted it would be unlikely.

"I find it hard to believe that there would be a pregnancy scare in there because we do promote safe sex," Cassidy, who was sent home on last Thursday's episode, dished.

"Condoms are provided. I guess we'll find out in 12 to 15 weeks!"

Other possible giveaways could include a contestant asking producers for a maternity bikini.

Cass also revealed contestants had to undergo STI tests before arriving in Mallorca, which at least rules out the possibility of an STI scare.

Rumours of possible reality TV spawn were sparked by NW Magazine, which quoted an on-set gossip who claimed one contestant requested a pregnancy test be brought into the villa.

"The contestants get to ask for special items every week, which the producers bring into the villa for them," the source said.

"But eyebrows were definitely raised when they saw a pregnancy test on the list! Naturally, there was a bit of panic behind the scenes."

It's not clear who the owner of the test is, but there are plenty of possibilities. Grant Capp, who's pretty open about his nighttime activities with lover Tayla Damir, has already spoken to NW about his desire to have kids "before 30".

Could Grant and Tayla be parents soon?
Could Grant and Tayla be parents soon?

Regardless of who it is, can we all agree that a Teen Mom-style spin-off set in Mallorca would make for great viewing?