One lucky fan ran into Robert Pattinson and Charlie Hunnam at the same time

Not a bad day to be her, right?

By Katie Skelly

Nikki Fynn was walking around Belfast, Northern Ireland last Wednesday when she bumped into not only Robert Pattinson but also Charlie Hunnam (squeeling ensues) who are both currently based in the city to film The Lost City Of Z.

The duo linked arms with Nikki and posed for a photo which was shared to her Instagram account and captioned, "In BELFAST hanging with SAMCRO Charlie Hunnam and TWILIGHT Robert Pattinson!!! Yes I had a heart attack #SAMCRO #Belfast #instagood #vampires #horseshoes #holy1@$!!!!"

We’re also feeling a bit #Holy1@$!!!! about that beard, Rob…

We're not surprised that the two have become friends. After all, the two Brits would have plenty to talk about since Charlie famously turned down the role of Christian Grey, which was based on Robert's Twilight character, Edward Cullen.

And, you know, the fact that they're both really, really, ridiculously good looking.