Lucy Hale's California home was robbed but thankfully she and her dog are safe

She’s responded to the concerns for her safety.

By Jessica Chandra

Lucy Hale is the latest celebrity to be targeted by burglars. According to TMZ, Lucy's San Fernando Valley home was broken into and robbed on early Friday morning, with the burglars getting away with at least $15,000 worth of her jewellery and bags.

The Pretty Little Liars star, who will next be seen in the horror movie Blumhouse's Truth or Dare, wasn't home at the time of the robbery, and TMZ believes her house was a random hit, not part of a wider plan to target celebrities.

Fans were obviously concerned for Lucy's safety — and her dog, Elvis' — but Lucy responded with a note on Twitter, writing, "Thanks for all the kind words about my house. Luckily no one was hurt. Sad to lose some sentimental items, but thankful to be safe."

This was a major relief for everyone, with people writing back to Lucy.

Other celebrities who have been the targets of home burglaries in recent years include Kendall Jenner, Scott Disick, Nicki Minaj and Hilary Duff. With Hilary, it was reported that burglars knew to target her Beverly Hills home because her social media photos proved she was on holiday elsewhere.

Now watch the trailer for Lucy's creepy upcoming movie, Blumhouse's Truth or Dare.