Ariana Grande finally speaks out about ex-boyfriend Mac Miller's death

This is heartbreaking.

By Katie Stow

TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains themes some readers may find upsetting.This weekend devastating news broke that 26-year-old rapper, Mac Miller, had been found dead in his home after an alleged drug overdose.
While many celebrity friends of the rapper (real name: Malcolm McCormick) took to social media to share their final goodbyes, it seems the whole world was waiting on his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande, to speak out.

This is because in the wake of his break-up with Ariana (and her rapid engagement to Pete Davidson) Mac had allegedly began using drugs again — causing a slew of incidents including a DUI and a hit and run charge.Ariana Grande has previously disclosed that Mac's substance abuse had been a real deal-breaker for their two year long relationship. When the pop singer finally decided to end things, she was met with a lot of judgement from the public who blamed her for Mac's relapses and claimed it was poor form for her to leave him when he was at his lowest.

She boldly responded to these accusations with the following:

Since news broke of Mac Miller's death, things were quiet from camp Ariana for a few days — understandably as it is huge news to process that your ex-boyfriend has passed. The only social media action from Ariana was that she disabled her comments on Instagram, as the aggressive messages from Mac Miller fans got rather intense.

However, Ariana has now posted a tribute of sorts to Mac, sharing a touching black and white photograph of her ex-boyfriend on Instagram.

No caption was left and comments were disabled — leaving the picture to be a beautiful goodbye from Ariana to Mac, showing the world that she cared for him and is no-doubt heartbroken that he is gone.

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