Who is Madelaine Petsch's boyfriend? Get to know Travis Mills

They met when he slid into her DMs.

By Susannah Guthrie

Her on-screen alter ego, Cheryl Blossom from Netflix's Riverdale, might have an action-packed love life, but in real life Madelaine Petsch is a one-man kind of woman.

The 24-year-old actress has been dating musician and actor Travis Mills, 29, for a year and a half.

Here they are on Madelaine's YouTube channel being all cute and stuff:

Madelaine and Travis met shortly after Riverdale premiered when Travis, who auditioned for the role of Jughead, messaged Madelaine on Facebook to congratulate her.

They now spend the majority of their time in a long-distance relationship, with Madelaine filming the show in Vancouver, Canada, and Travis working out of Los Angeles in the US.

Formerly known as T Mills, Travis is probably best known as a recording artist after being discovered by a record company on MySpace as a teenager.

His music combines singing and rapping and his most recent musical release was back in September 2017 and was called 'Just Like Us, This Song Doesn't Have a Title'.

No surprises, people speculated it was about Madelaine. However, it's all about a non-committal relationship, and Mads and Travis seem pretty set on each other.

Travis is pretty protective of Madelaine and recently stepped in when Madelaine's ex-boyfriend Aaron Carter (yes, THAT Aaron Carter) kept mentioning her in interviews.

Aaron, who briefly dated Madelaine before she was famous, gave a couple of interviews mentioning her name while promoting his new album.

"Yo Aaron. I'm only gonna write you one time so please pay attention," Travis wrote in an Instagram DM to Aaron. "Stop using Madelaine's name in ANY interviews or press you are doing. She has nothing to do with promoting your album."

Like Madelaine, Travis also has some acting skills. He appeared in the Netflix series Flaked, and also lent his voice to Netflix animated series F is for Family.

In case you can't tell from their respective Insta feeds, Madelaine and Travis are big supporters of each other's careers.

Earlier this year, Mads told Glamour, "[Travis] taught me how to be selfless and how to love, because I never knew I could love like that," she said.

"He's said I do the same thing for him. We are extremely supportive of each other's careers. We always have business ideas together. He's my partner, and that's what I love."

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