Everything that happens in Madonna's "Bitch I'm Madonna" music video

So you don't have to actually watch the whole thing.

There's A LOT going on in Madonna's latest music video.

Like, this could potentially be the most turnt music video we’ve seen in a long time.

Taking a few queues from Taylor Swift, Madonna most likely sent out a group text to the most famous/coolest people she knows offering them a few seconds in her “Bitch I’m Madonna” clip.

Lit’rally everyone is in it, so to save you the four minutes we’ve rounded up all the celebs and highlights so you don’t have to watch it.

Rita Ora

Chris Rock

Miley Cyrus

**Alexander Wang**


Beyoncé ~Kween (!!!)~

Katy Perry

Kanye West

Nicki Minaj (sort of)

Aside from all the celebs, here are some other things we picked up on...

These little girls paying tribute to 80s Madonna

There’s A TONNE of Moschino being worn #productplacementnotobvious

Madonna is giving everyone one of [her famous kisses...](http://www.cosmopolitan.com.au/celebrity/celebrity-gossip/2015/4/drake-explains-why-he-almost-vommed-when-madonna-kissed-him-at-coachella/)

This hot (scared) stranger at the bar

Madge has formed her own Harajuku girls squad...Love, Angel, Music, Baby?

So er, yep. That's it folk. OH, and there's also tons of sweat and glitter.