Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth competed for the title of Best Aussie and it was hilarious

They’re both winners in our eyes.

By Jessica Chandra

Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth are without a doubt two of the most famous Australians on this planet. They're talented, they're funny, they're both incredibly good-looking, and they both still have that Aussie charm that means everyone loves them.

The two Aussie actors were both guests on a recent episode of The Ellen Show, so Ellen DeGeneres did what any decent talk show host would do: she got them to dress up in kangaroo onesies (joeys included), with giant boxing gloves, and made them face off in a competition called 'Ellen's Australian Boxers.'

In the Australian-themed pop quiz, Ellen asked questions like, "Where was Nicole Kidman born?" and got them to do their best Crocodile Dundee impressions.

Probs one of the toughest questions was aimed at Margot, when Ellen cheekily said, "Margot, this is for you: Chris or Liam Hemsworth?"

Chris jumped in to respond, "Liam," which was Margot's answer, too — but only because she's worked with Liam twice and she's never worked with Chris! (Someone needs to make this happen.)

Ellen also threw in a hilarious question where she tried to get Chris to reveal his address (the way she framed it was perfect).

In the end, Chris won, but as he said in his Instagram post, "I came away with the win and a jar of vegemite but we were both winners when we shared a delicious vegemite sandwich afterward."

And we thought we couldn't love them more.

Watch the hilarity ensue in the video below: