Mariah Carey goes full Mariah with this shade thrown at J.Lo

She still has no idea who she is...Sure.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Throwback to the early '00s and we are gifted with the ultimate shade thrown by Miss Diva herself, Mariah Carey.

When asked about her opinion on Beyonce, Mariah spits off a GLOWING opinion on the pop kween, and shortly after is asked about her thoughts on J.Lo, answering simply: "I don't know her."

We are pretty sure she's talking rubbish, but we love the shade (deep, deep down).

Mariah spoke to The Cut last year saying she was just trying to "be funny" (we laughed) and "I was just being honest," BUT J.Lo had her own interview with Andy Cohen during a 2014 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, telling him that they had never met and they "don't know each other."

She also confusingly told Wendy Williams last week that they had met "many times" but Mariah is "forgetful" and now we are all confused and are just going to believe that the two are saltier than a fat German pretzel to each other.

We can conclude that Mariah still slays at the sass though, as TMZ caught her leaving an event earlier this week and asked about the notorious comment. "I still don't know her," Mariah fantastically replies.

We are very confused and kind of hungry after that pretzel comment, so BRB while we go contemplate the #drama between one diva to the next.

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