Riverdale's Mark Consuelos has a daughter IRL and we’re getting MAJOR Veronica vibes RN

They share the same good looks, age and personality.

By Natasha Harding
mark consuelos daughter lola

If you thought Riverdale actor Mark Consuelos (who plays Hiram Lodge) was only a Daddy onscreen you're sorely mistaken.

Your fave DILF is also a father IRL with a daughter the same age as Veronica.

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That's right, Mark has a 17-year-old teenage girl called Lola Grace Consuelos with his wife Kelly Ripa.

Kelly recently shared this snap of Lola before she went off to prom and she's got more in common with Veronica than just being stunning.

In a recent interview with Live With Kelly And Ryan that Lola's also a BOSS negotiator (just like Ronnie) and managed to push her prom curfew back two hours.

"I want my daughter to negotiate my next contract," the TV host said. "She is a trained assassin. I had never seen a kid negotiate a contract this way, and then at a certain point she had us negotiating against ourselves. She is that good."

"She was truly remarkable in her getting extra time out of us, and then she did the baller move of all baller moves: She showed up a little early so we were like, 'She's so responsible!' Even though she had negotiated a full two hours past what time we had thought was appropriate. She came home 15 minutes early, and she's like, 'See? I'm home.'"

Yup, sounds a LOT like the master business woman who bought the Whyte Wyrm so she could buy Pop's back from her dad.

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Unlike Veronica, however, Lola's got two brothers: Michael Joseph Consuelos (left), who's 21-years-old and a spitting image of his Daddy, and cutie 15-year-old Joaquin Antonio (middle).

Talk about genetically blessed.