Married At First Sight's Charlene Apologises For Her 'Man Up' Comments

Our favourite firecracker says sorry for her problematic comments.

MAFS fire cracker (and the only one to call Dean on his misogynistic bullshit) Charlene has apologised for telling her husband Patrick to "man up".

"Dude, be a man. I feel like you're scared," she said during their final date.

She has since, thankfully, walked back her comments on a number of occasions.

"A VERY bad choice of words!" she said on Instagram. "Terrible. I'm beyond disappointed with the words chosen. So much more to our relationship that anyone has actually seen. Full apologies for coming across like an incentive mole. Not at all who I am."

She was also contrite during an appearance on Today.

"It was terrible... Apologies, that is awful," she said.

"I shouldn't have said the 'man up' thing but what I was really talking about is ... I'm a really strong person.

"So when Pat is quite timid around me, that is a bit of a challenge for us, and I'm looking for Pat to meet some of my strength so we can work alongside each other as a partnership.

"That's all I really mean with that."

The Married At First Sight couple have aired their grievances about being emotionally incompatible, with Charlene not being overly keen on sitting around and talking about feelings. Whereas Patrick is cementing himself as being one of the best bloke's on TV right now for refuting to get amongst the banter of boys night with "Yeah The Boys" advocates Dean and Justin.

Instead of offering up Charlene for a gross version of "Wife Swap", he pulled Telv (all round alright guy who went perilously close to falling under Gaslighter In Chief Dean's scummy spell) aside for a woke pep talk encouraging him to be the better man and make it work:

"Just try a little bit harder man, put a bit of effort in. Actually show her that you care."

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