Awkward! Matty J just took Laura to his ex-girlfriend's wedding

Surely this was uncomfortable for everyone involved?

Matty J and his Bachelor winner, Laura Byrne, have been hitting the wedding scene HARD, attending a bunch in November alone. With each nuptial, the pair has posted a pic of themselves, often captioning it "Ready for a wedding," sparking rumours that the two are preparing for "I dos" themselves.

However, their most recent wedding date took place in Byron Bay, for the celebration of Sara Bray and Alex Lloyd — AKA Matty J's ex-girlfriend!

Matty and Sara were together whilst the marketing manager was living in London for two years, often sharing photos of each other, making for a pretty hectic loved-up collection of pics.

It's unclear whether their breakup was the reasoning behind Matty's return to Australia and his signing up for The Bachelorette. But the two have remained friends, sometimes working together on professional projects — with Sara 'gramming a pic of Matty just three tiles after announcing her engagement to Alex.

And, obviously, both Matty and Laura were invited to the couple's wedding, suggesting thing are all g and platonic between the exes now.

…But it has to be said, we can't help noticing that after seeing Sara, we can 100 per cent confirm that Matty J has a type!

Georgia Love, Laura Byrne and Sara Bray.
Georgia Love, Laura Byrne and Sara Bray.