Meghan Markle was giving future Harry hints ages ago, but we missed them all

We've got receipts.

By Kate Wagner

Meghan Markle as a Duchess is a gift that keeps on giving. Yes, because she kills in Givenchy at royal events and continues to defy the calls for a "duchess slant", but mainly because we get to analyse her interviews back when she was an actress.

In this week's edition of 'What clues did Meghan give us?' there are two unearthed interviews that hint at her future engagement and wedding plans.

When she sat with LifeStyle Mag back in May 2017, they asked what song she listens to when she's happy.

"When I'm happy, I listen to Whitney Houston's 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody.' Such a good song!" Meghan squeals.

For those of you who haven't memorised every detail about the royal wedding, Megs and Harry shared their first dance to that very song.

But that's not all. In a rapid-fire style interview for Suits in August 2016, Meghan was asked what she cooks to impress someone and, although she grew up in sunny LA, it seems Meghan has always been British at heart.

"A perfect roast chicken," she replied, and that's not the only time she's brough up a cooked chook.

She told Good Housekeeping: "There is nothing as delicious (or as impressive) as a perfectly roasted chicken. If you have an Ina Garten–level roasted-chicken recipe, it's a game changer. I bring that to dinner parties and make a lot of friends."

Again on her not-so-secret blog The Working Actress, she tweeted Ina Garten's YouTube roast chicken recipe, labelling in the "perfect cure for a day of shooting".

Harry obviously knows how to take a hint; the pair revealed the prince proposed while they were cooking roast chicken at their Kensington palace cottage.

That's all for this week, make sure to tune in next time we find Meghan's secret hints buried in old interviews.