Meghan Markle reportedly hasn’t talked to her dad since all those interviews

All Thomas Markle's "blabbing" has frustrated the royals.

Meghan Markle and the royal family have apparently grown so frustrated with Thomas Markle's gas-bagging to reporters that the Duchess of Sussex hasn't spoken to her dad in a month.

Even though all the 73-year-old's post-wedding tell-all interviews with Good Morning Britain, TMZ and even attempts to stage paparazzi photos before the wedding seemed like kinda-sorta sincere attempts to be supportive of his daughter, the unauthorised contact with the press has taken its toll on Meghan's trust, say Us Weekly sources.

"Meghan hasn't spoken to Thomas since the day after her wedding," a source for Us Weekly claims. With another spy adding, "Thomas is walking a fine line ... This blabbing needs to stop if he wants to maintain any relationship with Harry and Meghan."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex apparently felt blindsided by Mr Markle's June 18 sit-down on British TV with a palace source saying, "The proper thing to do would have been to let Meghan and Kensington Palace know he was giving an interview ... He already did damage before the wedding."

While the former Hollywood TV lighting director did not attend the royal wedding on May 19 because of his precarious heart conditions—Meghan's father-in-law Prince Charles stepped up to walk the former Suits star down the aisle—his daughter was back then still happy to include her father in her new life. However, Thomas' recent dig at Her Majesty the Queen over her upcoming meeting with US President Donald Trump is really rocking the boat.

"If the Queen is willing to meet our arrogant and insensitive president she has no excuse not to meet me, I'm nowhere near as bad," he told TMZ in another interview on Tuesday. Thomas also said he's still never actually met his new son-in-law and only spoken with Prince Harry over the phone.

A source close to Thomas tells Us Weekly that "Thomas adores his daughter and swears he never wanted attention from the interviews. All he's ever cared about is protecting Meghan."

Welp... Let's hope they can sort this out 'cause fam is fam, y'all.